A64 Announcement

Robert Goodwill has welcomed the announcement that the A64 will get a share of the £15bn roads investment package announced as part of the 2014 Autumn Statement.

Legal high alert: the child victims

As Scarborough Council vows to ban legal highs, the devastating impact they have had on the town’s youth has been revealed in a shocking report.

Ticket to ride

Whitby’s park and ride was officially opened last Friday following its first summer of operation which has seen it transport over 90,000 passengers. 

MP in fishing support pledge

Scallop fishing is turning the seabed off Whitby into a “marine desert” the town’s local MP has warned.

Goathland School showcase spuds to MP

“We’re delighted to be supporting 23 schools in the Borough of Scarborough, including Goathland School, to help children learn how their food is grown and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.”