Youth vote

We want to help our young people succeed.

North Yorkshire has some of the best schools and colleges in the country so school-leavers here are in a strong position to go on to further study or get a job.

Our changes to student funding have made university more affordable and attainable.  Graduates only start to repay their fees when they are earning £21,000.  More students from disadvantaged backgrounds are now at university.

Since 2010 we have already created over 2 million apprenticeships, enabling more young people to learn a skilled trade and get on in life.  In the next five years we will deliver 3 million more.

Under Labour, youth unemployment rose by 40 per cent but in the last year alone, youth unemployment here on the coast has more than halved.  More young people have good jobs.

We have also cut taxes, making the first £10,000 per year you earn each year free of income tax. We want to raise this to £12,500 in the next Parliament.

Our plan is working, with more jobs, more apprenticeships, and more university places. Only the Conservatives have the clear economic plan and credible leadership to build a better future for the next generation.

Robert Goodwill