Updated Letter on Whitby Hospital

Robert Goodwill, Whitby's Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, has welcomed the news that the long awaited redevelopment of Whitby Hospital will be able to start in the new year.  This follows a visit to the constituency from Health Secretary Matt Handcock and a letter confirming the good news from the Minister of State, Edward Argar.  The £11.9 million project has, once and for all, put paid to fears that Whitby Hospital could close.  Robert said, "I am delighted at this news.  We can all breathe a great sigh of relief.  The building at the moment is expensive to heat and maintain and hard to keep clean.  This has made the cost of treating patients high compared with other hospitals.  Once the work is finished we must redouble our efforts to get more services based there so people do not have to travel to Scarborough or James Cook.  Only the Conservatives can be trusted to run the economy responsibly and to ensure that profitable businesses and well paid workers can pay the taxes that sustain this, our most loved and respected institution, the NHS."   


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