Scarborough & Whitby MP on Leave vote and Cameron’s decision

Robert Goodwill, the MP for Scarborough and Whitby, has spoken of his concern at the uncertainty of Brexit, and his sadness at the departure of Prime Minister David Cameron.

In an exclusive video interview with The Scarborough News, the Conservative MP said: “We’ve already seen turbulence in the financial markets and in the currency markets and that may go on for as long as two years while we renegotiate what trading arrangements we have with the European Union. There are many businesses in this area that rely on exports to Europe ... and they need to be confident that they can continue to export without any barriers to trade.
Looking at agriculture, while the weak pound will mean that commodity prices will go up maybe the French farmers won’t be so keen to take our lamb any more.”

He said he wasn’t surprised that David Cameron has announced his resignation and “we should recognise the tremendous work he has done in pulling our economy around, and I just hope all the work will not be undone by some of the difficult times that lie ahead.”

Mr Goodwill also spoke about the possible successor to Mr Cameron.

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