Robert Goodwill visits “Aladdin’s cave” of local history treasures

From Scardeburg to Scarborough (A Celebration of Scarborough Life) is an amazing collection of local artifacts that opened its doors to the public at Unit 23 of Scarborough Market Vaults on 2 August.

It's an Aladdin's cave of fascinating artefacts and memorabilia that reflect the lives of Scarborough people, families, buildings and businesses long since gone.

The exhibition consists of items from one individual (Wayne Murray)'s personal collection that he has built up over the years.  It includes items from long lost local stores and hotels as well as photographs recalling local events and notable moments in the history of the town.  Despite his upbringing in Northern Ireland, Wayne has an encyclopedic knowledge of Scarborough.

Wayne is being supported by Coast and Vale Community Action's Totally Socially team towards his long-term goal of having a larger permanent site to display his collection and he already has a small band of enthusiastic volunteers.

Robert said, “This micro museum is certainly well worth a visit.  The best element of this is the way that Wayne brings the exhibits to life with stories about their history and provenance and how they came to be in his possession.  In the time I was there I was only able to see a small part of what he has amassed and I certainly look forward to dropping in again.”

Photo shows Robert with Wayne in the vault.

If you want to get involved pop along to the vaults and have a chat with Wayne.