The last Government failed to control immigration with net migration of 2.5 million. That is why this Government is cracking down on those here illegally and working hard to reduce net migration.

We have already reformed family visas, capped economic immigration and cracked down on bogus language colleges and dodgy student visas. Ministers have changed the law to prevent illegal immigrants getting driving licenses and bank accounts and to make it easier to deport them too. I am also pleased that the rules have been changed so that no-one can come to this country and expect to get out-of-work benefits immediately.

Net migration from within the EU has doubled since 2010, because the UK has become the jobs factory of Europe and because of our generous welfare system. That is why the Conservative led Coalition Government has scrapped housing benefit for European Union jobseekers and limited benefits claims for EU migrants with no prospect of a job.  Additionally, David Cameron has set out plans for further reforms such as stopping tax credits for EU migrants until they have been here for 4 years and preventing child benefit being paid for children not living here.

We also need to make sure people, who come here on time-limited visas, leave at the end of their stay.  The Government’s Immigration Act makes it tougher for illegal immigrants to remain in the UK. We are introducing exit checks which will help us to ensure that people leave the country when their visas have expired.

As part of our successful long-term economic plan, we are building an efficient and effective immigration system that puts Britain first by clamping down on abuses of the system, making sure the right people are coming here for the right reasons and ensuring the British people get a fair deal.

Robert Goodwill