Flood Re

A year on from the devastating floods of Christmas and New Year homeowners who are having difficulty getting insurance where they may live in an area that has previously been flooded should be aware of the new Flood Re system set up by the Government.

Flood Re was established by the UK Government and the insurance industry to enable constituents to find affordable insurance if you live in a residential home built before January 2009 and located in a flood risk area.  It enables insurers to offer cover even if you have been flooded.

Your insurers will continue to handle every aspect of your home insurance policy with you and if you have a valid claim you simply contact your insurer who will manage the entire process, while in the background Flood Re reimburses the insurer.

If you meet the requirements and are interested in obtaining insurance you should do the following:-

  • Be prepared to shop around.
  • Talk to your insurers and ask them if your home is eligible for the Flood Re Scheme.  Details are also available at: floodre.co.uk/industry/how-it-works/eligibility/
  • Shop around with a broker, price comparison websites or by going direct to another insurer to get quotes.
  • Remember, finding the right advice and product is important.

I believe this is an excellent and valuable facility for those who suffer from the anxiety of the prospect of their home being flooded and consequently the difficulty in finding appropriate cost effect insurance.

Robert Goodwill MP