Conservative government will deliver an in/out referendum before the end of 2017.  We will negotiate a new relationship with Europe and then put that before the British people.

We will seek more power for national parliaments, more accountability of the EU and more power over EU decisions.

Areas we will address include; liberating businesses from red tape, promoting greater free trade with America and Asia, curtailing interference in our policing and justice systems and putting mechanisms in place to prevent vast migrations across the Continent.  There should be free movement to take up work, not free benefits. 

We must deal with the concept of “ever closer union” once and for all.  It is not right for Britain and we should no longer be subject to it.

David Cameron has already shown that change is possible, having vetoed an EU fiscal treaty, achieved an unprecedented cut to the EU budget and taken the UK out of the Eurozone bailouts.

Following the renegotiation, when everything possible has been done to reach a new settlement that maximises the benefits of membership for the UK, I am certain that the British people will have a genuine choice at the ballot box in 2017.


Robert Goodwill