We really have some brilliant schools in North Yorkshire.  That’s because we have some of the best teachers in the country.  When schools do have shortcomings, OFSTED has worked with them to fix the problems.

Youth unemployment halved in Scarborough last year.  Jobs are being created at unprecedented levels.  The new University Technical College will help deliver the skills we need. 

The total schools’ budget has been protected, and a new funding formula has been introduced so that pupils in places like North Yorkshire get fairer funding. The £2 billion Pupil Premium supports disadvantaged pupils, with primary schools receiving £1,300 per child.

Standards are improving as a result of changes to the exams system. More GCSE students are studying key subjects such as languages and sciences. Entries at A-level to these subjects have also increased, with more 17 and 18 year-olds studying sciences.  We have record numbers going on to University.  Students know that they only have to repay their loans when they are earning enough to afford it.

We can only have good schools with a strong economy to pay for them.  Only the Conservatives have a long term economic plan that will deliver for Britain’s children and students.


Robert Goodwill