Donkey attack reward offer


SCARBOROUGH MP Robert Goodwill has offered to pay a £500 reward to help catch those responsible for a number of cruel attacks on a donkey in the town.

Mr Goodwill has put forward the money after reading in the Evening News about the appalling assault on four-year-old beach donkey Rocky, which was nearly strangled after having a rope tied around his neck.

Mr Goodwill said: ""It is a disgusting thing to do.

""We have a donkey ourselves as a pet and they are the most gentle and well mannered animal.

""They are also lovely characters and for someone to do such a thing is outrageous.

""I only hope that this reward will perhaps helping bring to justice the person who has done this.""

The animal was found in a distressed state by its owner Melanie Fisher after being left with a rope wound tightly around its neck and to the inside of its shed.

Mrs Fisher, 37, keeps 25 donkeys in the ?eld off Weaponness Valley Close, and said the donkey had been left shaken.

She said: ""He was absolutely petri?ed and the rope was tied so tight it took about 10 minutes to undo it.

""He is only four and he was starting to get his con?dence.

""These are such wonderful animals that would never hurt anyone and I'm shocked at what's happened.""

North Yorkshire Police have appealed for anyone with information on the attack to contact 0845 60 60 247 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.