Inaugural Meeting of the Whitby Town Deal Board

Friday, 17th January 2020

Robert is attending the meeting at the Green Lane Centre in Whitby.

In November 2019, MHCLG announced that Scarborough and Whitby had been identified as two of the 101 towns in England who they wish to work with to develop Town Investment Plans with the aim of preparing bids to secure the Government’s Town Deal funding. The fund will provide up to £25m per successful Town to assist in delivering regenerative Investment Plans.


In order to procure and draft the Town Investment Plans, Town Deal Boards are to be established. These must consist of all tiers of local government, anchor institutions and key stakeholders from the wider community.  The Board will act to inform and oversee the investment plan process, ensuring that the resulting plans are holistic and inclusive.


As a key stakeholder in this process we would like to invite you / or a suitable substitute to attend the inaugural meeting of the Town Deal Board for Whitby at the Green Lane Centre, Green Lane, Whitby on Friday 17th January 2020 from 9.30am to 11.30am. An agenda will follow in the New Year.


Further info:

Town Deal funding is part of the Government’s Towns Fund initiative and is aimed at regenerating those areas who continue to face growth constraints due to their geographic location and/or socio economic situation.


Further information on the Town Fund – Town Deals Process can be found here:


Information on the geographic areas covered by the town deals can be found here: