Whitby’s Member of Parliament, Robert Goodwill, has visited the Whitby and District Community Transport Office in Flowergate to hear how the drivers using their own cars or mini buses are providing such a good service for local people, and in particular ferry people to and from hospital appointments etc.

However, the number of volunteer drivers has declined over recent months and they are desperately in need of more drivers to come along and help them.  Drivers receive 45p a mile to cover their costs and many find the work very rewarding and in particular often build up good relationships with those that they regularly ferry about.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer driver and being able to subsidise the cost of running a car in this way should contact Alan Lund, the Manager at the Whitby and District Community Transport Office, telephone Whitby 602982. 

Robert Goodwill said “it was great to see how this service has provided such reliable support for local people over the years and I hope that many people, particularly those who may have retired early, will volunteer to be a driver and contribute to such a fulfilling service”.